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It is important that the chain of operations is established and properly managed so that the requested medical supplies can be delivered within the period of commitment.

Cold Chain Consumables (cool-pack, Styrofoam validation and stock tracking)

All shipments are organized in terms of order requirements and customer demands. Cold chain products are shipped in insulated boxes with all necessary equipment.

We believe that the success of our company depends on the talent and performance of our employees. Accordingly, we require our staff to learn new knowledge and technologies in their areas of responsibility and to educate themselves on these issues. Welkin Medical employees receive training that will enhance their service offerings such as having a multi-faceted and mastered skill ability to understand complex external relationships and the ability to adapt to effective team work.

All operational procedures are carried out in accordance with the GMP/GDP standards and the temperature control field.

All orders are monitored online by all business units and aim for a smooth and fluid process.

Cold chain product storage and order management;

Products are stored in a cold weather storage or in an ambient temperature storage space according to their specifications.

All shipments are rigorously organized by direction of the order requirements and customer demands. The shipment of cold chain products are provided in insulated and validated boxes. In addition to these existing methods, new packaging and operational solutions are also pursued and implemented as much as possible to improve service quality.

Welkin Medical’s domestic and international suppliers are reliable partners and licensed by the relevant administrative agencies…